About Hummingbird in a Shoebox

We are a small family boutique located in Yorkville, Illinois. Operated by myself Brigitte Shepard and supported by my husband Mike Shepard. We originally started online after the birth of our daughter in 2011.  We then opened a space in Batavia, IL in 2013.  However, working a full-time job, being parents, and operating a store was not feasible at the same time.  So, we stepped back from our boutique business. Fast forward 2020 (the year that anything can happen) and we were presented with an opportunity to open our little boutique again on a smaller scale.

Our name is "Hummingbird in a Shoebox", which was a name given to me by my husband because he used to say that I was like a Hummingbird in a Shoebox because I was always doing something and had a hard time sitting still.  We kept our original name because it was a piece of us.  Now we can actually say that we are a Hummingbird in a Shoebox because our new starting space is the size of a shoebox.  But... we have big products, and put a lot of heart into the selections that we make for our customers.  We buy specifically with our customers in mind and will do our best to accommodate requests.  If we do not have something that you are looking for then we will try to find it for you.  

Our plan in 2021 is to grow into a bigger space and add additional sizes and something really special that is non product related but would be a great fit for our customers.  Shhh... we have to keep that one in the nest for a while. 

Much Gratitude
~Brigitte Shepard