Losing My Mom and Loving As a Mom

I recently lost my mother. It is the most excurciating heartache I have ever felt. I am sure that I will have my ups and downs and ebbs and flows of feelings. While I am feeling all of these emotions it has me thinking about my life growing up with my mom. From being little and bringing her flowers as she sunbathed in the yard to her teaching me how to drive in an empty parking lot as a teen. I think about our time as myself; a grown women and watching Elvis movies (her favorite) with her to having tacos and margaritas at local restaurants. She was my confidant and someone that I knew I could always depend on. I will miss calling her and hearing her voice and her reassurance on life. 

Being a mom myself and seeing how fast my daughter is growing, losing my mom has put a new perspective on my relationship with my daughter. I want to be there as her confidant and person that she can rely on no matter what. Not that I haven’t always been but I want to make sure I’m making time count with her. We all get so wrapped up in the day-to-day and electronics can be a huge escape from things around us that for myself I see that our time spent could be spent differently. Life is precious, life can be short, and family is our lifeline. 

So as I work through these emotions and ponder life in general I will hold my daughter closer and stop to smell the roses of our relationship longer each day and I hope this for all moms because a moms love is unconditional and it matters so so much!
Love and Light~